2013/11/21Politics | Bilateral relation conmemoration

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In the framework of the 42nd Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Peru and the People’s Republic of China, the conference “An Integral Association Strategy with Deep Roots and Wide Horizons” was held. This occured on November 20th at Peru’s Congress.

The event started with an inaugural speech by Freddy Otárola, President of the Congress. He highlighted that “it was possible to reach the 6% growth that Peru has showed because of the relationship with China”. He also mentioned that it is necessary for the country to know about the contributions made by the Chinese community.

The first exposition was made by ex Chancellor Mr. Fernando de Trazegnies, “En el País de las Colinas de Arena” (At the Country of Sand Hills) author. Two important points from his presentation were the Chinese Influence on the West and the immigration waves that Peru has received and the current potential of the Pacific Basin. This region that holds Asia and Latin America is a core unit of economic relations in which the exchange between countries has increased surprisingly. In this region there is half of the global population, more than 50% of global gross product and more than 47% of trade.

The second exposition “The concentration of Strategic Integral Association” was led by Ambassador Juan Carlos Capuñay, General Director of Asia and Oceania of Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He asseverates that the different diplomatic meetings between China and Peru, as well as a Multiyear Development Plan for Asia Pacific with a view to  China’s APEC presidency in 2014 and Peru’s in 2016.

The third exposition was lectured by Mr. Eduardo Ferreyros, General Manager of COMEX, and it was named “Bilateral Commercial and Economic Relations and FTAs”. He stated that exports from 2000 to the present have expanded, and that is why it is important to care and maintain the formal relations with big markets, because these are the mayor purchasers. On the other hand, now Chile trades more than US$ 23 billion with China, in contrast to Peru that trades US$ 7.8 billion, consequent fact to Chile’s earlier FTA.

The fourth exposition “Economic Agenda of China” was made by Mr. Roberto Urrunaga, professor of the Research Center at Universidad del Pacifico. He described the atypical case of economic development in China. He focused his presentation on the infrastructure sector and its positive impacts; due to the fact that it has the government priority. In the last ten years, the total construction companies has increased from 45 thousands to 71 thousands and the main progress has been in the electricity sector and the number of telephone lines and internet access.

Finally, the Closure Speech was lead by her Excellency Mrs. Huang Minhui, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Peru. The Ambassador reiterates that development experiences are shared by both countries and that everyone grows in the Chinese Renaissance.