2014/12/03Facebook Founder Stuns Crowd by Speaking Mandarin

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“Hello everyone. My Chinese is very bad.” This is how Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg began his 30-minute speech in Mandarin. His speech was addressed to students at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Although many say his level of Mandarin is equivalent to a seven years’ old, his effort and interest to be part of the China is evident.


In his speech he explains the reasons why he is learning Mandarin: 1) his wife, Priscilla Chan is from Chinese descent; 2) he loves Chinese culture; 3) he likes challenges.


Zuckerberg, who has tried for a long time to enter the Chinese market, highlighted that his company is currently helping many Chinese companies abroad. He used as an example Lenovo’s use of Facebook Ads in India. “We want to help the world connect with China”.


Zuckerberg has recently been named part of the board of directors of Tsinghua University, which is also know as China’s MIT.