Patricia Castro Obando

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2017/01/28The Year of the Fire Hen

According to the Chinese horoscope, on January 28 a new year begins. This time it is the year of the rooster, or more precisely, the fire hen. These are the predictions for times full of challenges and revelations.


Singing and at dawn, the rooster enters the House of Taisui. From January 28 until February 18 2018, the animal which ranked 10th place in the race called by the Jade Emperor, the 4715-year of the Chinese calendar will reign. This is how in China the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year begins.


Do not let appearances fool you. This is the most moralistic animal of the Chinese horoscope, even though it arrives upbeat, with feathers and at dawn. He sings the truth in daylight and as favorite son of the light; he does not stand lies or secrets. The year of the Rooster is also known as “the time of revelations”.


For starters, it is not a cock but a hen of fire and metal. In the sexagenarian cycle of the ten celestial stems and twelve terrestrial branches, this is a Dong You year. “According to the theory of Ying and Yang, the Ding stem and the You branch are Yin, concept that is associated with women, earth, moon, absorption, and night”, explains Master Dong Yilin. This year is represented by a hen of fire, by the Ding stem, and of metal, by the You branch. These two elements fire and metal are opposites.


2017 is the year of empowered women with the passion of fire and the strength of metal. Last year fire and metal were also parte of the monkey who was masculine Yang according to Chinese duality. But now the forged sword in 2016 is in the hands of feminine Yin.  The time has come to enter the battle.


It is also a stage of transformation since fire destroys the old and it opens the way for the new. “Only with the help of the fire, metal can transform into what we want. For example, traditional and conservative sectors will find obstacles while there are advances in technology, science, computer science, and changes in mentality”, adds the Master.


As in all duality, the encounter of fire and metal also produces fights, disputes, conflicts, and even wars. This year the rooster or even better the hen puts into order the Taisui House, torn down by the monkey. While it arranges it’s new house, it takes time to benefit its three protected, the snake, dragon and ox, in addition to harm its three adversaries, the rabbit, dog and rooster.


The other five animals, the rat, tiger, horse, goat, monkey, and pig, are kept in an ambivalent cycle based on the lessons learned and the relationships with friends or enemies.


The trend in 2017 is highlighted by the personality of the rooster that has wings but does not fly, its life conditions, and it rhythm to move. According to the Chinese tradition, the rooster is also honest, direct, altruist, incisive, loyal, and very charismatic. But at the same time it is also ostentatious, suspicious, stubborn, anxious, authoritarian, and has a volatile nature.


The rooster is as complex as it is determined. “It is the year of the four red punishments, Chen, Wu, You, and Hai, arriving with the dragon, horse, rooster, and pig. The rooster does not only provides a punishment, but it also punished itself”, emphasizes the Master. It is there that lays the complexity of the rooster. This year there is a predisposition to entangle in its own skein.


But the rooster has a very strong character. With the first daylight before the sunrise, it brings out the hidden that generates concern to reestablish a new order. It is a year full of surprises and unexpected situations that forces one to act quickly and precisely. It is written, who rises early, the rooster helps. 


Published on El Comercio, January 22, 2017.