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2017/07/18Inclusive Growth and Joint Prosperity

In recent years, Peru has been actively involved in the international multilateral system, became a member of APEC, the Pacific Alliance, and many other regional organizations. Likewise, it has also signed commercial investment agreements with 27 countries and the results of free trade implementation has placed it in a leading position in the world, thanks to economic globalization. 

President Kuczynski has emphasized in maintaining a fair and open international trade system and firmly opposing trade protectionism, which China agrees to in first instance.

China is also an active practitioner of multilateralism and inclusive growth. It has implemented the concept of innovation development, coordinated development, and green development. The effects of inclusive growth have been verified by data from this year’s first quarter, with a total GDP of 18 trillion yuan and a growth of 6.9%; demonstrating greater stability and optimism. According to IMF statistics, China;s average contribution to the world economy over the past 5 years has been 30%. In the next five years, China will import goods worth eight trillion dollars. An increasingly open, strong and growing Chinese economy will bring more opportunities to all countries in the world, including Peru.

China and Peru are developing nations and, at the same time, emerging markets. We are convinced that the steady growth of Chinese economy and the concept of inclusive growth will bring new opportunities for cooperation between both countries. China is ready to protect the multilateral trading system along with Peru, trying to optimize the bilateral free trade agreement and promoting the entry of high value-added products into the Chinese market. We need to ignite the new engine which is cooperation in productive capacity. The Chinese side will continue to drive traditional sectors such as mining, hydrocarbons and infrastructure, and at the same time creating new growth points in sectors such as environmental protection, renewable energies and computer connectivity. We work together and closely in order to boost China-Peru relations rapidly towards a better development.

Jia Guide is Chinese Ambassador to Peru.


Published on El Peruano, July 15, 2017.